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Which of the following IS NOT an unnatural event that occurs in Act I, Scene II?
a) A lion prowls the streets
b) An owl lands in the square at noon
c) Fiery men walk the streets
d) The gods have been seen walking the streets

How does Cassius plan to get Brutus to join the conspiracy?
a) Ask him to attend a meeting addressing the need to get rid of Caesar
b) Give him fake letters that praise him
c) Ask Portia to beg him to join
d) Bring the conspirators to his home to speak with him

What do Melinda’s bleeding, scabby lips symbolize?
a) Her dislike of others
b) Her inability to speak
c) Her lack of friendship
d) Her lack of identity

How many times was Caesar offered the crown?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What type of imagery does Halse Anderson use when describing characters?
a) Biblical
b) Animal
c) Color
d) Seasonal

Of what does the Soothsayer warn Caesar?
a) The rise of the triumvirate
b) The ides of March
c) The upcoming storm
d) His wife’s infertility

What does Caesar tell Antony to do to Calphurnia?
a) To spy on her
b) To protect her
c) To whip her during the Feast of Lupercal
d) To ask her her hand in marriage

Which of the following does NOT demonstrate the theme of identity in the novel?
a) The clans
b) The characters' rooms
c) David’s fight with Mr. Neck
d) The mascot change

What does the mulga wood symbolize?
a) Anger
b) Happiness
c) Sorrow
d) Death

What is an example of an internal conflict in Walkabout?
a) Mary and Peter’s fight to survive in the desert
b) Mary’s inability to accept the Aborigine
c) Mary and Peter’s argument about whether to trust the Aborigine
d) Mary and Peter’s escape from the wreckage of the plane

What does the Aborigine’s war dance symbolize?
a) The Aborigine’s upcoming death
b) The Aborigine’s inability to fit into “civilized” culture
c) The Aborigine’s hunger for war
d) The Aborigine’s abandonment of the children

How is Antony able to turn the commoners against the conspirators?
a) Emotional appeals
b) Repetition
c) Loaded words
d) Emotional appeals, repetition, and loaded words

What is an example of a flashback in Walkabout?
a) The Aborigine dances a symbolic dance
b) Mary thinks back to the plane crash
c) Peter plans for and imagines a future out of the desert
d) The Aborigine leads the children out of the desert

What dream does Calphurnia have about Caesar?
a) She dreams that Brutus stabbed him
b) She dreams that Cassius stabbed him
c) She dreams that his statue poured blood
d) She dreams that a vulture was circling above him

Who are the character foils in Julius Caesar?
a) Antony and Brutus
b) Brutus and Cassius
c) Octavius and Cassius
d) Brutus and Portia

Why are Marullus and Flavius angry in the first scene of the play?
a) The commoners are celebrating Caesar
b) The commoners are celebrating the fall of Caesar
c) The commoners are voting to elect the next Caesar
d) The commoners are trying to overthrow Caesar

Why does Halse Anderson allude to The Scarlet Letter?
a) Both Hester and Melinda have been wronged
b) Both Hester and Melinda have a secret
c) Both Hester and Melinda are outcasts
d) All of these are reasons for why the author alludes to The Scarlet Letter

What omen foreshadows the conspirators’ armies’ loss?
a) Eagles attacking their soldiers
b) The appearance of a pack of wolves
c) A terrible lightning storm
d) Scavenger birds flying above them

What happens during the climax of a tragedy?
a) The character and setting are introduced
b) The tragic hero dies
c) The tragic hero makes a terrible mistake
d) The play ends

What is the crisis or turning point of the play?
a) Brutus joins the conspiracy
b) Brutus allows Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral
c) Cassius gives Brutus fake letters that praise him
d) None of these examples is the crisis

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