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What is the main part of soil composition?
a) earthworms
b) weathered parent rock
c) air
d) water

Which type of soil is used to make pots?
a) sandy soil
b) silt
c) clay
d) loam

What is a parent rock?
a) The rock that tells a stone that it is grounded when the stone fails a science test :)
b) The rock that buys Christmas gifts for stone and pebble
c) The rock that makes soil
d) The rock that has children named stone and pebble :)

Which type of soil can hold the most water?
a) clay
b) silt
c) loam
d) sandy soil

Which type of soil is a mixture of other type of soils?
a) loam
b) silt
c) clay
d) sandy soil

Which type of soil is found suspended in the body of water?
a) silt
b) clay
c) sandy soil
d) loam

soil is formed by
a) weathering
b) organic matter
c) convection
d) plants

It consists of smaller grains than sand, and is often deposited at the bottom of a body of water. Which soil type is this?
a) clay
b) silt
c) sandy soil
d) loam

Why soil is different from one location to another location?
a) because of rocks are different in different areas
b) because amount of water is different
c) because amount of light is different
d) because land is different

A scientist studied the soil at a certain location. She determined that most of the soil was made up of very fine particles. The size of the particles was 1-7 micrometer and this soil drained water the slowest and retained most of the water. Which
a) clay
b) sandy soil
c) silt
d) loam

How does sandy soil form?
a) by deposition of sediments
b) by weathering
c) by accumulation of organic matter
d) by the suspension of elements in water

Which best explains the relationship between parent rock and soil composition?
a) Weathered parent rock is the smallest component of soil.
b) Weathered parent rock is the largest component of soil.
c) Weathered parent rock is not the component of soil at all

A class is conducting an experiment on how different types of soil can affect the growth of a plant. Which are the main factors the class should consider when designing the experiment.
a) the color of the container for the soil and the plant
b) the soil texture and the amount of water
c) the shape and color of the seeds planted in the soil

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