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An abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes is ______.
a) gene therapy
b) genetic disorder
c) pedigree
d) karyotype

. In a pedigree, a square is used to represent a ________.
a) clone
b) carrier
c) female
d) male

The ____________ chromosomes determine if a person is a male or female
a) sex
b) multiple
c) recessive
d) gene

A chart that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait is called a ______.
a) karyotype
b) pedigree
c) Punnett Square
d) genome

The transfer of genes from one organism to another is called ___________.
a) hybridization
b) cloning
c) genetic engineering
d) inbreeding

The crossing of two individuals that have similar characteristics is referred to as ____.
a) inbreeding
b) genetic engineering
c) hybridization
d) cloning

A genetic disorder in which a person’s blood clots very slowly if at all is___________.
a) sickle-cell disease
b) hemophilia
c) cystic fibrosis
d) Down syndrome

A person who has one recessive and one dominant allele for a trait is called a ________.
a) hybrid
b) clone
c) homozygote
d) carrier

An example of a human trait that is controlled by more than one gene is __________.
a) skin color
b) blood type
c) widow's peak
d) dimples

People with an extra copy of chromosome 21 have a disorder called _______.
a) Down Syndrome
b) colorblindness
c) hemophilia
d) sickle-cell disease

A(n) ________ is all the DNA in one cell of an organism.
a) hybridization
b) gene therapy
c) clone
d) genome

Professionals who help couples understand their chances of having a child with a particular genetic disorder are called ______ _____.
a) genome
b) Human Genome Project geneticists
c) gene therapy
d) clone

In _______, breeders cross two genetically different individuals.
a) hybridization
b) clone
c) genome
d) Human genome Project geneticists

A_____ is an organism that is genetically identical to the organism from which it was produced.
a) hybridiation
b) genome
c) clone
d) gene therpay

Inserting working copies of a gene directly into the cells of a person with a genetic disorder is referred to as _______.
a) gene therapy
b) genome
c) hybridization
d) clone

Three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait are called _____.
a) multiple alleles
b) mutations
c) chromosomes
d) genome

Sex-linked recessive traits are more common in ___________.
a) carriers
b) clones
c) males
d) females

___Cystic Fibrosis___ is a genetic disorder in which the body produces abnormally thick mucus.
a) Hemophilia
b) Cystic Fibrosis
c) Down Syndrome
d) Sickle-cell Disease

The process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation is called ____________.
a) selective breeding
b) mutating
c) cloning
d) genetic engineering

In ______, a person’s DNA is cut into fragments, which are separated to form a pattern.
a) Cloning
b) DNA Fingerprinting
c) genetic engineering
d) hybridization

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