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The belief that states have rights that the national government can't violate.
a) Tariff
b) States' Rights
c) Abolition

Which is NOT a part of the Missouri Compromise?
a) Maine became free state
b) California became slave state
c) 36 30 line became boundary for slavery
d) Maintained a balance of power in Congress between free and slave states

Which is NOT true of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) Voter and election fraud
b) Violence between pro and anti slavery settlers
c) Popular sovereignty (voting) was used for the first time to decide slavery issue
d) Peace occurred over the slavery issue

Which states' right issue means to nullify or void a law?
a) Secession
b) Nullification

Which is NOT true of the Compromise of 1850?
a) MIssouri became a slave state.
b) California became a free state.
c) Fugitive Slave Law was passed.
d) Popular sovereignty would be used to decide the slavery issue.

Slaves were property and had no constitutional rights was the ruling of which case?
a) Worcester v. Georgia
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) Dred Scott
d) Brown vs. Board of Education

According to the Georgia Platform, Georgia would not secede as long as the U.S. government upheld
a) the Missouri Compromise
b) the Compromise of 1850
c) the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Georgia and other southern states seceded after
a) the Civil War
b) the Dred Scott case
c) the election of 1860

Georgia Congressman who wanted GA to wait and secede after we saw what Lincoln did once in office:
a) Henry McNeal Turner
b) William T. Sherman
c) Andrew Johnson
d) Alexander Stephens

Area of the state that was not in favor of secession because of the Trail of Tears and due to lack of slaves in that area:
a) North Georgia
b) South Georgia
c) East Georgia
d) West Georgia

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