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When labor unions negotiate with employers on behalf of workers, they are engaging in ________________________________________________________________.
a) diet, exercise, and rest
b) conflict
c) visualization
d) collective bargaining

_____________________________________________________ are health factors that you can control in your life.
a) Labor unions
b) conflict
c) diet, exercise, and rest
d) visualization

A(n) _____________________________________________ works for better wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers.
a) paid time off
b) labor union
c) compensatory time
d) conflict

One relaxation technique for coping with stress is __________________________________________.
a) diet, exercise, and rest
b) conflict
c) visualization
d) to do fire, earthquake, and tornado drills

Employees may receive __________________________________________________, instead of overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week.
a) collective bargaining
b) compensatory time
c) diet, exercise, and rest
d) visualization

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to ________________________________________________.
a) diet, exercise, and rest
b) collective bargaining
c) race, religion, or gender
d) conflict

a physical or psychological need for a substance
a) discrimination
b) addiction
c) harassment
d) sedentary

Employers must provide safety drills for events such as _________________________________________.
a) fire, earthquakes, and tornadoes
b) diet, exercise, and rest
c) conflict
d) visualization

a government plan to provide access to jobs for people who have suffered discrimination in the past
a) worker's compensation
b) paid time off
c) affirmative action
d) overtime

what to administer in an emergency before help arrives
a) ice
b) first aid
c) medicine
d) food/drink

a guideline created by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services to aid with proper nutrition
a) Food Circles
b) Healthy Eating Charts
c) Food Guide Pyramid
d) Nutrition labels

applies to conflicts between private parties, concerning rights and obligations
a) civil law
b) small claims court
c) family court
d) criminal law

It is illegal for an employer to deny employment on the basis of ___________________________________ _______________________________________.
a) race, religion, or gender
b) collective bargaining
c) compensatory time
d) diet, exercise, and rest

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