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Which Native American civilization was a big empire?
a) The Aztecs
b) The Inuit
c) The Iroquois
d) There were no Native American empires

What kind of government did the Inuit have
a) A confederation with elected officials
b) An empire
c) A chief
d) They didn't have a complicated government, they just asked elders for advice

Which innovation that was originally made in China but helped Europeans spread ideas in the Age of Exploration?
a) the typewriter
b) the printing press
c) the cannon
d) ink

What are some misconceptions (wrong ideas) about Africa that our lesson about Mansa Musa disproved?
a) African people have not always been poor. Mansa Musa may have been the richest person ever.
b) African people do not all live in small tribes. Some lived in big empires.
c) African people had a slave trade between themselves and the Middle East before the Europeans arrived.
d) All of the above

What did Anne Hutchinson do to tick off the Puritans?
a) First, she was a woman acting as a religious leader. Second, she said that you did not have to be obedient to go to heaven
b) She converted to become a Quaker.
c) She ate way too much food during times of starvation.
d) She wanted to support Native American rights.

How did Anne Hutchinson die?
a) She died in a Native American raid
b) She was eaten by wolves
c) She was burned at the stake.
d) She died of smallpox.

What did Roger Williams do once he got kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay colony?
a) Died.
b) Went back to England
c) Joined a Native American Tribe
d) Founded Rhode Island as a place of religious freedom for all

What belief(s) did Roger Williams have that got him kicked out of the Puritan Massachusetts Bay colony?
a) We should all go back to being Catholic and reject the king while supporting the pope.
b) We should not take Native American land. It’s wrong to kill non-Christians just because they’re non-Christian. Non-Christians
c) We should only grow English crops on our land and we should not listen.
d) We should not listen to the church elders.

In which civilization did women have different but equal powers as men?
a) Iroquois
b) British
c) Aztec
d) Inuit

Which group did the Black Death make more powerful?
a) The wealthy
b) Peasants
c) Merchants
d) kings

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