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Give some examples of trades or skills a girl might learn in the Middle Colonies.
a) weaving, sewing, soapmaking
b) cooking, food preservation
c) growing medicinal herbs, how to work in fields when needed
d) All of the above

In the middle colonies (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware), kids went to private schools to learn reading, writing, and math and then learned a trade. Give some examples of a skill or trade a boy might learn.
a) Blacksmithing, apothecary (making medicine)
b) Gunsmithing, shoemaking,
c) Construction, brickmaking
d) All of the above

In the New England colonies, everyone (boys and girls) was expected to learn to read and write at least a little. Why?
a) They all were expected to go to college
b) The schools made a lot of money for the colonial government.
c) The Puritans and Pilgrims believed in equality between men and women
d) Good protestants are supposed to be able to read and interpret the Bible themselves.

Slaves were not normally educated, but they were sometimes allowed to learn to read. Why?
a) To do basic household tasks
b) To read the Bible
c) Trick question: Slaves were never allowed to learn to read
d) Slave owners were too lazy to stop them.

How come kids in the Southern colonies were educated at home, not at schools?
a) School was not important if you wanted to become wealthy
b) All the parents, rich and poor, were already well-educated and could teach their kids
c) Slaves were not trusted to travel to school alone
d) Plantations were too far apart for there to be schools

Why was Rhode Island founded?
a) Roger Williams founded it as a place where people from all religions could live together.
b) To conquer Native Americans and take their gold
c) to grow tobacco
d) George Roberts founded it as a place where he could be dictator

Why was Pennsylvania founded?
a) As a source of lumber
b) As a safe place for Quakers, and to make money
c) As a training ground for British combat forces
d) As a haven for monkeys of all sizes

What did kids have to do if they messed up or did not know what to do on an assignment in colonial America?
a) Miss their lunch
b) Recite the Bible from start to finish
c) Sit in a corner and wear a dunce cap
d) Study again and retake their test

Why did European colonists move to Virginia?
a) As a place where Catholics and Protestants could live together in peace
b) To expand the empire of Queen Mary
c) To take land from Native Americans
d) To make lots of money

Why was Maryland founded?
a) to starve in the winter
b) they heard about the First Thanksgiving
c) to find religious freedom
d) to look for gold, and then to grow tobacco

Why primarily did European colonists move to Massachusetts?
a) fur trading
b) religious freedom
c) looking for gold
d) growing tobacco

Why primarily did European colonists move to New York?
a) They liked that it used to be Dutch
b) They were dumped there as slaves
c) The religious freedom
d) Fur trading

Name some foods we eat in America that came from Europe or Asia.
a) Chicken, Pig, Cow, Sugar, Honey (honey bee), grapes, oranges, apples
b) Potato chips, Fries, Cornbread, Squash
c) Dunkin' Donuts
d) Baby powder

Name plants or animals from the Americas that spread around the world.
a) apples, pears, oranges
b) chicken, duck, goose, onions
c) corn, potato, tomato, peanuts, turkey, tobacco, rubber
d) Santa Claus

Why were the Native Americans so much more vulnerable to European diseases than vice versa?
a) Native Americans did not have good medical technology.
b) Europeans hung out more with farm animals, and people with weak immune systems had already been killed off by other diseases.
c) Europeans knew about the germ theory of disease and so were more careful.
d) Native Americans did not believe in treating illness since fate would decide who lived and died.

Why was it easier for crops, animals, and ideas to spread across Europe and Asia than up and down the Americas?
a) People in the Americas were not as well educated.
b) Europeans and Asians had better technology.
c) The wind blows harder across Europe and Asia, spreading seeds.
d) Europe and Asia are east-west oriented, which means they have similar climates and day lengths.

Name at least two new technologies that enabled Europeans to be more successful explorers in the 1400s and early 1500s than they would have been in previous centuries.
a) electricity and democratic government
b) typewriters and printing presses
c) maps, compasses, cannons, and ships that could travel against the wind
d) radios, fire, Beanie Babies, and Pokemon

Name at least two dangers European explorers faced in their travels around the world.
a) Native American attacks and diseases
b) Being lost at sea
c) Mutiny (rebellion) from their crews
d) All of the above

How were the Italians and Arabs getting in the way of European traders before the Age of Exploration?
a) Italians and Arabs refused to learn French, Spanish, and other European languages.
b) The Italians and Arabs did not want to let spices pass through their land
c) All spice trade had to go through Italy and/or the Middle East, which made spices more expensive for other Europeans.
d) The Italians and Arabs had extra feet grafted onto their legs specifically to trip European explorers.

Why were the Europeans explorers so desperate to get to China and India?
a) To get direct access to the Asian spice trade
b) To conquer them
c) To kill the non-Christians there
d) To convert the Chinese and Indians to Christianity

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