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Which of the following is not one of the three watch outs?
a) It's all over syndrome
b) victimitis virus
c) wrong wall
d) negative labels

There were 5 keys to goals setting. What was the name of the key where you write down your goals to make them more permanent?
a) Brain Dump
b) Put it in Pen
c) Just do It
d) Rope up

A fun 10 question activity that we completed that helped you get in touch with your deeper self that prepared you to write a mission statement.
a) Great Discovery
b) Quote Collection
c) The Retreat
d) Brain Dump

Why are proactive people compared to a bottle of water?
a) They do not think before they act
b) They are not calm
c) when life shakes them up, the pressure builds and they explode
d) when life shakes them up, the do not bubble and fizz

A can-do person will
a) take initiative and make it happen
b) are acted upon
c) think about problems and barriers
d) wait for something to happen

What is it called when you have the power to rise above whatever may have been passed down to you by family and create a new life for yourself?
a) Just push pause
b) Turning setbacks into triumphs
c) Rising above abuse
d) Becoming a change agent

You find out that your brother borrowed a cd without asking and scratched it. Which of the following would turn this setback into a triumph?
a) You take one of his favorite toys and put it in the trash.
b) You talk to your brother about it and ask him to help pay to replace it and he agrees.
c) You ignore your brother because you are angry with him.
d) You cry and lock your bedroom door so that he will leave you alone.

Which of the following is in the circle of no control?
a) your attitude
b) your responses
c) how you treat others
d) others making rude comments

Which of the following is in your circle of control?
a) the color of your skin
b) your responses
c) someone else's choices
d) someone else's comments

Which is the following is an example of someone with the victimitis virus?
a) complaining
b) focus on circle of control
c) studying for a test
d) thinking before they act

Which of the following is a proactive choice?
a) studying for a test at the last minute
b) wait for things to happen to you
c) Bounce back when something bad happens to you
d) blame others

Which of the following is the quickest way to make a deposit into your Personal Bank Account (PBA)?
a) Listen
b) Be Honest
c) Keep promises
d) Do random acts of kindness

What type of language is being used in the following statement? --There's gotta be a way-
a) proactive language
b) reactive language

What type of language is being used in the following statement?--I'll do it.--
a) proactive language
b) reactive language

What are principles?
a) Rules to live by and you will never fail
b) Types of deposits into your relationship bank account
c) Quotes that affect your intelligence quotient
d) Found in the field of education

What is a paradigm?
a) The way that you feel about yourself
b) When you have high self esteem
c) When you have low self esteem
d) The way that you see something

Which of the following is a habit for the highly defective teen?
a) Be Proactive
b) Begin with no end in mind
c) Think win-win
d) Seek first to understand then be understood

What is a habit?
a) something done repreatedly and automatic
b) something always done at school
c) something that can only be bad
d) something done in the morning

Examples from this time quadrant are; too much TV, endless phone calls, and mall marathons
a) Procratinator
b) Prioritizer
c) Yes-Man
d) Slacker

This is a personal credo or motto that states what your life is about
a) Mission Statement
b) Goal
c) Wall of Strengths
d) 5 Important things about me

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