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Si te amat, tibi scribet.
a) If you love him, he will write to you.
b) If he loves you, he will write to you.
c) If he writes to you, you will love hime.
d) If he will love you, he writes to you

Nomina discebamus.
a) We learned the names.
b) The names were learned.
c) We will learn the names
d) The names are learned.

Mei fratres me videre possunt, sed meos fratres videre non possum.
a) I can see my brothers, but my brothers can't see me.
b) My brothers see the dangers, but I am not able to see like my brothers.
c) I can call my brothers, but my brothers can't call me.
d) My brothers are able to see me, but I can't see my brothers.

Saepe nihil agunt.
a) They will often do nothing.
b) They often do nothing.
c) We often do nothing.
d) You will always do nothing.

Quid disces?
a) What will you learn?
b) What do you learn?
c) What is learned?
d) What will be learned?

Quis hominem videbat?
a) Who saw the men?
b) Who will the men see?
c) Who saw the man?
d) Who was the man seeing?

Magister laborem discipulis dabit.
a) The teacher will give much work to the students.
b) The students will learn the work of the teacher.
c) Work will be given to the students of the teacher.
d) The students give the teachers work.

Patrias rex vincebat.
a) The king's country was conquered.
b) He will conquer the king's country.
c) The country will overcome the king.
d) The king conquered the country.

Bellum cum Romanis populis gerimus.
a) Roman people carry on with the war.
b) The war performed with the Roman people.
c) The people conduct the war in Rome.
d) We are waging war with the Roman people.

Scriptores mores malos habent.
a) The author has bad morals.
b) The writers have bad habits.
c) They have writers and bad morals.
d) He is a writer of bad habits.

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