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Substance that kills weeds or plants
a) antiseptic
b) anticide
c) herbiseptic
d) herbicide

Prefix meaning same
a) iso
b) chromo
c) graphy
d) meso

Which is NOT a prefix
a) zoo
b) herb
c) cide
d) lith

Which suffix invloves parts /layers of our Earth?
a) sphere
b) astheno
c) litho
d) hydro

written records of ancient artifacts
a) lithology
b) paleograph
c) paleozoic
d) lithosphere

Prefix meaning to go against
a) septic
b) cide
c) sio
d) anti

written portion of someone's life
a) Chromology
b) Lithograph
c) Biology
d) Biography

Instrument that measures the amount of water
a) hydrometer
b) Hydrology
c) Hydrosphere
d) meteorolopgy

prefix involving the atmosphere
a) meso
b) meteor
c) chromo
d) litho

prefix meaning rock/stone
a) paleo
b) hydro
c) bio
d) litho

suffix meaning decay or decomposition
a) cide
b) litho
c) chromo
d) septic

which prefix does NOT pertain to something that is living?
a) hydro
b) bio
c) zoo
d) herb

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