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Which of the following build up deltas?
a) depsition
b) leaching
c) abrasion
d) erosion

The looplike bends that begin to form in a river are called
a) rills
b) meanders
c) curves
d) deltas

Which of the following cause mass movements?
a) plucking andabrasion
b) gravity
c) weathering and erosion
d) erosion and deposition

What is evidence that a glacier was once in an area?
a) loess deposits
b) V-shaped valley
c) U-shaped valley
d) alluvial fan

_______ is the process by which wind removes surface material.
a) abrasion
b) plucking
c) deflation
d) inflation

Wind carrying grains of sand will deposit the sand when
a) the wind speeds up
b) the wind crosses a depression in the ground
c) the wind slows down
d) the wind cools off after nightfall

Glaciers can only form in which of the following conditions?
a) there is an ice age
b) there is a U-shaped valley in the mountains
c) the amount of snow is more than the amount of rain
d) more snow falls than melts

_____________ is teh area of rock fragments created by deflation in a desert.
a) sand dune
b) loess deposit
c) desert pavement
d) sand bar

A ____ is created where a coastline turns and interrupts longshore dirft, causing a fingerlike landform to form.
a) spit
b) barrier beach
c) sandbar
d) headland

______ is a wide sloping deposit of sediment that forms where a stream leaves a mountain range.
a) divide
b) delta
c) alluvial fan
d) waterfall

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