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The outer planets are mostly made of _________
a) metals and ammonia
b) rock and metals
c) ammonia ice and gas
d) water and ice

Which layer of earth is the only liquid layer made of iron and nickel
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) crust
d) mantle

Which of the following is a result of gravity?
a) flooding
b) glaciation
c) abrasion
d) creep

The direction of the wind in an area can be determined by the appearance by the ________________.
a) ventrifacts
b) abrasion
c) creep
d) deflation

What is it called when particles rub against the surface of rocks or other materials?
a) Saltation
b) Deflation
c) Abrasion
d) Laceration

Oxidation, Acid Rain, and Carbonic Acid are all examples of __________ ____________
a) chemical weathering
b) mechanical weathering
c) matter and energy
d) none of these

During subduction, which type of crust is more dense (sinking to the bottom)
a) continental crust
b) oceanic crust
c) both have the same density
d) mountain crust

Which process drives plate tectonics?
a) conduction in the core
b) radiation in the troposphere
c) saltation in the air
d) convection currents in the mantle

How have scientists learned about the Earth?
a) drilled to the core and examined samples
b) used sonar to see into the different layers
c) observing the behavior of seismc waves as they travel through Earth
d) weighing the earth to determine the density of the layers

Earth's spinning liquid metallic core is part of the Earth's____________
a) magnetosphere
b) cryosphere
c) biosphere
d) hydrosphere

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