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Look at the article called Should juveniles Be Tried as Adults. What is the best revision to make in sentence 1.
a) Although real justice involves serious punishment, that also involves sentences that are harsh enough to deter future crime.
b) Real justice involves serious punishment. Serious punishment involves sentences that are harsh enough to deter future crime.
c) Real justice involves, serious punishment involves sentences that are harsh enough to deter future crime.
d) Does not need correcting

Read paragraph 3 and decide which change, if any, is best to make.
a) Delete the comma after --HOWEVER-- at the beginning of sentence 3.
c) Delete the phrase-- the boyfriend of Kruckenberg’s mother-- from the end of sentence 2
d) No change needs to be made.

An opinion can be proven. True or False
a) true
b) false

Why is it important for an author to support his viewpoint with facts?
a) because facts can be proven and help to make the author's argument stronger
b) because facts are the way that the author feels
c) because sometimes facts are good fallacies to use
d) because facts show the author has done research

The author of --Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults-- believes if a child does something wrong that they need strong punishment like an adult. The author of Hope for a Second Chance believes
a) that real justice involves real punishment
b) that children under 18 should be tried as minors.
c) that some children need a second chance
d) judges should drop charges against teenagers

Which of these is NOT a persuasive technique used by authors and artists
a) Loaded Language
b) Intelligent vocabulary words
c) Pathos
d) Rhetorical Fallacies

Which of these is NOT an example of Central Argument Structure?
a) Use of Cause/Effect
b) Use of Loaded Language
c) Use of Examples/Anecdotes
d) Use of repetition

By using statistics in Paragraph 4, the author of --Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults-- is able to
a) provide additional factual evidence to support the author's viewpoint
b) explain information about why juveniles commit crimes
c) explain why there is no justice in prison
d) provide an opinion that most people believe that juveniles should be punished as adults

What can you conclude from reading BOTH articles?
a) That there is no justice for juveniles in prison
b) That some juveniles don't have good morals
c) That the viewpoint that juveniles should be tried as adults has the strongest argument due to the facts presented
d) That victims deserve justice

As a reader, what is the purpose in selecting 2 different author's perspectives on the same topic?
a) to be entertained
b) to persuade
c) to perform tasks
d) to analyze

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