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Doubled the amount of weaving a worker could do in a day
a) spinning jenny
b) spinning mule
c) flying shuttle
d) steamboat

Which revolution in Europe occurred out of advancements in technology and machinery
a) Industrial
b) French
c) Glorious
d) Scientific

Allowed to spin 8 threads at a time
a) spinning mule
b) flying shuttle
c) spinning jenny
d) steamboat

Combo of the water frame and spinning jenny
a) spinning mule
b) steamboat
c) steam engine
d) flying shuttle

increased cotton production by separating the seeds
a) steam engine
b) steam boat
c) spinning jenny
d) cotton gin

Invented the steam engine
a) JJ Watt
b) James Finch
c) James Hetfield
d) James Watt

Area just outside the big cities
a) rural
b) suburbs
c) urban
d) none of the above

No government interference in the economy
a) Parlez-Vous Francais
b) Laissez-Faire
c) Communist
d) Socialist

Economy where laws of competition, self interest, supply and demand are applied
a) Capitalism
b) Socialism
c) Communism
d) Mercantilism

Book written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels proposing a radical socialism is known as the ___________ Manifesto.
a) Communist
b) Socialist
c) Capitalist
d) Opportunist

The working class who was oppressed
a) proletariate
b) bourgeoisie

The business owners
a) bourgeoisie
b) proletariat

(Positive or Negative) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels supported Laissez-Faire
a) Positive
b) Negative

Attempted to negotiate better working conditions, pay and work days for the proletariat
a) Labor Unions
b) Occupational Unions
c) Social Security
d) Regulators

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