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If the diploid number is 80, then the haploid number is:
a) 20
b) 80
c) 40
d) 160

If the haploid number is 80, then the diploid number is:
a) 80
b) 160
c) 40
d) 20

An African elephant sperm cell has 25 chromosomes. How many chromosomes does each elephant body cell have?
a) 50
b) 25
c) 100
d) 0

A human egg cell has 23 chromosomes -- how many chromosomes does a human skin cell have?
a) 23
b) 32
c) 92
d) 46

If the diploid number in crows is 98, then the haploid number is:
a) 49
b) 98
c) 196
d) 0

If each pit bull muscle cell has 72 chromosomes, then each pit bull sperm cell must have:
a) 36 chromosomes
b) 72 chromosomes
c) 18 chromosomes
d) 144 chromosomes

If each gamete has 15 chromosomes, then each body cell must have:
a) 7.5 chromosomes
b) 15 chromosomes
c) 30 chromosomes
d) too many chromosomes

If each gamete has 200 chromosomes, then each body cell will have:
a) 100 chromosomes
b) 200 chromosomes
c) 50 chromosomes
d) 400 chromosomes

Each earthworm egg cell has 4 chromosomes. This means each earthworm muscle cell must have:
a) 4 chromosomes
b) 8 chromosomes
c) 2 chromosomes
d) 23 chromosomes

I have memorized the Mitosis/Meiosis chart.
a) No.
b) Nope.
c) I said, NO!!!
d) Yes!

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