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A teacher using the Socratic Method would:
a) help polish students rhetorical skills
b) encourage students to memorize info
c) force students to defend statements
d) demand payments from all of their students

Alexander accomplished all of the following EXCEPT:
a) freeing the Ionians
b) setting up 70 cities and making Babylon the capital
c) encouraging his army to marry the Persians
d) convince his troops to expand beyond the Indus River Valley

The earliest Greek plays with the lead character struggling against fate only to be doomed in the end are known as?
a) Tragedies
b) Comedies
c) Sonnets
d) Odes

An artistic style of balance, elegance, and simplicity is known as?
a) Classical
b) Greco
c) Gothic
d) Modern

Which philosopher came up with the method to have students defend their statements?
a) Socrates
b) Plato
c) Aristotle
d) Diogenes

What is the science of thinking and reasoning called?
a) rhetoric
b) algebra
c) psychology
d) logic

During the Golden Age, Greek artists excelled in all of the following except:
a) mosaics
b) sculpturing
c) painting
d) architecture

Which Macedonian king was assassinated and turned power over to his son Alexander?
a) Philip II
b) Darius I
c) Pythagoras
d) Zeno

Who thought hygiene, diet and rest were important for one's health?
a) Socrates
b) Plato
c) Hippocrates
d) Euclid

The Olympic games were held in his honor?
a) Zeus
b) Hera
c) Apollo
d) Hercules

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