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In which layer of soil would you find the most humus?
a) A horizon
b) B horizon
c) C horizon
d) bedrock

___ is the wearing away of rock by rock particles.
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) abrasion
d) depostion

The B horizon contains
a) topsoil
b) partly weathered rock
c) humus only
d) clay, minerals, and a little humus

Soil begins to form when the solid layer of rock called _____ begins to weather.
a) A horizon
b) bedrock
c) C horizon
d) humus

The practice of plowing fields along the curve of a slope is called
a) conservation plowing
b) contour plowing
c) soil conservation
d) crop rotation

A marble statue that is left outside for many years begins to weather. The most likely cause is
a) oxygen in the air
b) carbonic acid in rainwater
c) lichens
d) abrasion

Over plowing and a long drought had what effect on the Great Plains during the 1930s?
a) it had no effect
b) it reduced the soil's fertility
c) it helped to cause the Dust Bowl
d) it prevented sod from developing

Scientists can tell by the short, rounded shape of the Applicachian Mountains that
a) the principle of uniformitarianism does not apply
b) the mountains have recently formed
c) the moutnians are made of very soft rock
d) the mountains have been eroding for millions of years

---- is the movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) abrasion
d) depostion

Which type of soil is the most permeable?
a) sandy soil
b) clay
c) fertile
d) all soils are equally permeable

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