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A unsaturated fatty acid is usually
a) unstable and broken down first
b) stable and broken down last

A saturated fatty acid is usually
a) stable and broken down last
b) unstable and broken down first

Cell membranes are mostly made out of which type of molecule?
a) phospholipids
b) triglycerides
c) carbohydrates
d) glycerol

In dehydration synthesis, a big lipid is not the only molecule produced. What other molecule is made?
a) water
b) carbohydrates
c) phospholipids
d) nothing

Which of the following categories of lipids includes hormones?
a) steroid
b) unsaturated fatty acid
c) saturated fatty acid
d) phospholipid

Which of the following is an amphipathic molecule found in cell membranes?
a) phospholipid
b) steroid
c) unsaturated fatty acid
d) saturation fatty acid

I can draw a simple model of a phospholipid.
a) True
b) False- ask the teacher for help

A 3-carbon polar molecule that fats can attach to
a) glycerol
b) triglycerides
c) fatty acids
d) phospholipids

A molecule made up of glycerol and 3 fatty acids
a) triglycerides
b) phospholipids
c) steroids
d) testosterone

The most abundant steroid in our bodies
a) cholesterol
b) steroid
c) phospholipid
d) testosterone

A polar molecule that fatty acids can attach to
a) glycerol
b) phospholipid

a lipid that has 4 rings of carbon atoms in its structure
a) steroid
b) glycerol
c) triglyceride
d) phospholipid

A molecule made up of glycerol, 2 fatty acids, and a phosphate group
a) phospholipid
b) steroid
c) glycerol
d) triglyceride

A chain of carbon atoms that has a carboxyl group at one end
a) fatty acid
b) cholesterol
c) triglyceride
d) steroid

Dehydration synthesis is used to connect…
a) fatty acids and phospholipids
b) fatty acids and glycerol
c) fatty acids and steroids

What characteristic do all lipids share?
a) They have fatty acid chains
b) They have a structure containing 4 rings
c) They have a phosphate group
d) They are hydrophobic

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