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The living things in an ecosystem are called...
a) biotic factors
b) abiotic factors
c) sunlight
d) wind

Organisms that can make their own food from sunlight or chemicals are called....
a) autotrophs
b) heterotrophs
c) consumers
d) decomposers

Which would show and example of a food chain from producer to top consumer
a) grass - rat - snake - eagle
b) grass - snake - eagle - rat
c) eagle - snake - rat - grass
d) rat - snake - eagle - grass

Organisms that have to get their food from another source are called...
a) producers
b) consumers
c) autotrophs
d) diatoms

What are some examples of decomposers?
a) bacteria and fungi
b) moss and lichen
c) ants and flies
d) rats and rabbits

In a prairie ecosystem, a hawk would be considered....
a) a secondary consumer
b) a primary consumer
c) a producer
d) a decomposer

Which organisms trap sunlight and convert it to energy?
a) Producers
b) Decomposers
c) Carnivore
d) Consumers

What is the name for the non-living things in an ecosystem?
a) Abiotic Factors
b) Biotic Factors
c) Decomposers
d) Limiting factors

All of the following are abiotic factors EXCEPT
a) sunlight
b) rain
c) grass
d) soil

All of the following are biotic factors EXCEPT
a) water
b) grass
c) trees
d) bacteria

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