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What term means a mass movement of land due to gravity?
a) Flood
b) Landslide
c) Deposition
d) Volcanic Eruption

What is a seamount?
a) An underwater hill
b) Mountain by the sea
c) Large powerful volcano
d) Underwater volcano

What occurs along a fault line?
a) Landslide
b) Earthquake
c) Volcano
d) Seamount

Which of the following can cause rapid erosion of sediment?
a) Floods
b) Landslides
c) Volcanos
d) Earthquakes

Which feature means the edge of the continent before it slopes down to the ocean floor?
a) Rift Zone
b) Continental Shelf
c) Continental Slope
d) Trench

What term means multiple underwater volcanoes in one location?
a) Abyssal Plain
b) Seamount
c) Trench
d) Mid Ocean Ridge

What area in the ocean can be composed of low hills and flat land?
a) Trench
b) Ocean Basin
c) Seamount
d) Mid Ocean Ridge

What are steep sided canyons at the bottom of the ocean?
a) Trenches
b) Mid Ocean Ridge
c) Ocean Basin
d) Abyssal Plain

What is the Continental Slope?
a) Underwater volcanic activity that creates mountains.
b) The highest part of the mid ocean ridge.
c) The steep slope where the continental shelf rises to the ocean surface.
d) The steep slope where the continental shelf slopes to the bottom of the ocean floor.

What are seamounts?
a) Underwater mountains.
b) Underwater volcanoes not formed on the mid ocean ridge.
c) Underwater earthquakes
d) A large wave that results in a flood.

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