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What text feature uses page numbers so you know where to find more information about a topic?
a) Map
b) Subheading
c) Table
d) Index

What text feature is an image of a city, state, country or form of land used to give information about location or geography?
a) index
b) chart
c) map
d) heading

What text feature is a group of words that further break down the overall idea into smaller sections that relate to the topic?
a) Table
b) subheading
c) glossary
d) heading

What text feature organizes data into rows and columns?
a) table
b) graph
c) heading
d) index

What text feature is an image that represents data using symbols or numbers?
a) Chart
b) table
c) graph
d) glossary

What text feature is an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject?
a) graph
b) map
c) heading
d) glossary

What text feature has data represented in visual form using an X and Y axis (line, bar)?
a) table
b) index
c) graph
d) subheading

What text feature is a group of words at the beginning of a paragraph or chapter that tells the reader what the section is all about?
a) index
b) heading
c) subheading
d) table

Which answer is not how a reader should use text features?
a) to find information
b) to understand what you read
c) to compare data
d) to skip reading the rest of the text

Where will a reader find text features?
a) an informational book
b) a textbook
c) a periodical
d) all of the above

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