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A ray is defined as...
a) Secondary color
b) Primary color
c) Complimentary color
d) Subtractive color

When red and green light shine on a white sheet, the resulting color is ...
a) Blue
b) Yellow
c) Cyan
d) Green

Red light shines on a red rose. What color are the petals?
a) White
b) Red
c) Green
d) Cyan

All of the answers are correct about a photon except...
a) A particle that is massless
b) A particle that only moves that the speed of light
c) It's energy (E) is related to the frequency of the radiation in the wave model
d) An object with a very small mass that travels near the speed of light

Light waves are made up of...
a) Electric waves
b) Magnetic waves
c) Both answer 1 and 2
d) Black

Opaque is defined as...
a) Material that absorbs light without reemission
b) Material that reflects light
c) Material that refracts light
d) Material that allows light to pass through it

The electromagnetic spectrum is defined as
a) A thin beam of light
b) The range of the entire EM waves from radio waves to gamma waves.
c) Visible light

Increasing the amplitude of a light wave increases ...
a) Frequency
b) wavelength
c) Intensity
d) None of the above

The colors of an object we see is determined by...
a) Frequencies of light reflected by the object
b) Frequencies of light incident on the object
c) Frequencies of light absorbed by the object
d) All choices

Ocean water appears green/blue because
a) Red light is absorbed by the water
b) Red light is scattered by the water
c) Green/blue light is absorbed

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