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All of the following are ways you can register to vote in Virginia EXCEPT -
a) In person the day of the election
b) By mail application
c) In person at the registrar's office
d) In person at the DMV

A person can register -
a) in person at the DMV
b) by absentee ballot
c) over the phone
d) in person the day of the election

Which statement is TRUE?
a) Older citizens are more likely to vote than younger citizens
b) A person is more likely to vote if he/she dropped out of high school.
c) A person with a low income is more likely to vote than a person with a higher income.
d) More people vote during a state election

Which of the following is factor that can be used to predict which citizens will vote?
a) Education
b) Party
c) Hobbies
d) Personality

___ means lack of interest.
a) Apathy
b) Bias
c) Propaganda
d) Lobby

A greater percentage of voters participate in -
a) local elections
b) state elections
c) presidential elections
d) congressional elections

Registration closes __ days before the election.
a) 7
b) 22
c) 29
d) 30

One place where a person can obtain a voter registration application is -
a) a bank
b) a polling place
c) a voter registration drive
d) a school

In order to register to vote in Virginia, you must be -
a) a licensed driver
b) a state resident
c) employed
d) married

What day of the week is our elections held?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday

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