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if I REVISE my answer, I will.....
a) spin it around
b) repeat it
c) go backwards
d) redo it

define REJECT
a) to not want
b) to shoot into outerspace
c) to accept and want
d) to put inside of something

define RECALL
a) very forgetful
b) to put away for the winter
c) to move forward
d) to remember

which sentence describes the word QUAINT?
a) I have a lot of those!
b) The elderly lady lived in the old house.
c) The bicycle was brand new.
d) Her shirt was made of new material.

a) to talk a lot
b) a type of material
c) sweaty
d) to talk someone into doing something

a PERSISTANT person is someone who.....
a) never gives up
b) smells bad
c) is annoying
d) gives up easily

define GLIMPSE
a) to sparkle
b) to bounce off of
c) to stare at
d) a quick look

what is a synonym for the word CONTEMPT?
a) hate
b) reply
c) carry
d) think

what is a antonym for the word ENTERTAIN?
a) bore
b) enjoyment
c) juggle
d) messy

define ATTEMPT
a) to try
b) for only a short time
c) to give up
d) what the weather feels like outside

define ACHIEVE
a) the pointy part of your chin
b) to no care and be lazy
c) to reach a goal
d) what you say when someone sneezes

define ABRUPT
a) very suddenly or unexpected
b) a sound you make when you swallow too much air
c) very slowly
d) a loud sound

if someone is SENSITIVE, they are....
a) hang on tight
b) easy to upset
c) clumsy
d) very tough

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