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What did the ship yards and new docks require?
a) new technology
b) a unpredictable demand of people
c) me and you
d) all of the above

When was the poor law amendment Act established?
a) 2014
b) 1687
c) 1834
d) 1909

Why was the prostitutes business cut short?
a) STD
b) died
c) they become maids
d) they quit

How many street sellers were there?
a) 20
b) 0
c) 300
d) 30000

What did boys do to earn money?
a) trash
b) they collect poop
c) maid
d) corpse

Who were the people who helps people?
a) charity
b) philanthropist
c) anybody
d) kids

What do people do after work?
a) play games
b) fish
c) go to college
d) clean the house

How much could a coach maker earn? In a week.
a) 10 shillings
b) 5 shillings
c) 15 shillings
d) none of the above

What disease could prostitutes get
a) herpes
c) Ebola
d) All of the above

True or False. Did boys collect cig butts to sell them
a) true
b) false
c) not a choice
d) not a choice

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