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The Dem.-Republicans wanted to balance federal power with...
a) states power
b) the Constitution

A sense of pride for one’s nation is called what?
a) nationalism
b) federalism
c) popular sovereignty
d) sectionalism

Who was elected first President of the United States?
a) George Washington
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Locke

What South Carolina War Hawk pushed for War with Britain after being elected to Congress in 1810?
a) John Calhoun
b) Charles Pinckney
c) George Washington
d) Alexander Hamilton

What word means to make a law invalid or void.
a) nullify
b) impressment
c) embargo
d) nationalism

Which party believed in having a strong federal government?
a) Federalists
b) Dem-Republicans

When 3 American diplomats traveled to France to negotiate a treaty they were offered a bribe. This event became known as what?
a) XYZ Affair
b) War of 1812
c) Constitutional Convention
d) Great Compromise

What was the biggest controversy between the 2 political parties?
a) national bank
b) trade routes
c) election of Jefferson
d) Nullification

How did the Democratic-Republicans think the Constitution should be interpreted?
a) strictly
b) loosely
c) not at all

Who were the leaders of the Federalist Party?
a) Jefferson and Madison
b) Washington and Hamilton
c) Calhoun and Pinckney

Why did most South Carolinians support the federal government’s assumption of the states debt?
a) Most of the War was fought in the state
b) South Carolina didn't want to go against the Federlaists

What was the name of the first 2 political parties?
a) Whig and Democratic
b) Federalists and Democratic Republicans
c) Democratic and Republican

Who was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington?
a) Alexander Hamilton
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

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