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Lightening is made when
a) Positive ions at the bottom and Negative ions at the top build a house together
b) Positive people say hi to Negative people and a smile is released
c) Positive ions at the top and Negative ions on the bottom build up energy and are released
d) Positive fronts meet Negative fronts and energy is released

This type of front develops when colder air replaces warmer air on the ground
a) Cold front
b) Warm front
c) Occluded front
d) Stationary front

This type of front develops when warmer air takes the place of cooler air
a) Cold front
b) Warm front
c) Occlulded front
d) Stationary front

The loud sound caused by expanding and contracting air in a thunderstorm is
a) Thunder
b) Rain
c) Boom
d) Lightning

A warm front generally moves from
a) south to north
b) north to south
c) east to west
d) west to east

A spiraling cloud that does not touch the ground is called a
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) Tsunami
d) Funnel-cloud

A tropical cyclone that begins in the Northwest Pacific Ocean is called a
a) Cyclone
b) Hurricane
c) Typhoon
d) Tropical storm

Winds that blow straight up consistently are called
a) Land breeze
b) Sea breeze
c) Doldrum
d) Cold front

God provides a way to return nitrogen to the soil through
a) Lightning
b) Hail
c) Snow
d) Thunder

About the highest altitude that thunderstorms can reach is
a) 600 feet
b) 6,000 ft
c) 60, 000 ft
d) 600, 000 ft

When the wind blows from the sea to the land it is called
a) Land breeze
b) Sea breeeze
c) Doldrum
d) Cold front

Which weather phenomenon keeps temperatures more even on the earth?
a) Snow
b) Humidity
c) Wind
d) Pressure

Jet streams play a role in the formation of
a) Tornadoes
b) Flight Patterns
c) Hurricane
d) Both A and B

Most weather is determined by the location and movement of
a) Doldrums
b) Jet streams
c) Air masses
d) Tornadoes

An air mass that forms over land near the Tropics is called
a) Maritime Tropical air mass
b) Continental Polar air mass
c) Continental Tropical air mass
d) Maritime Polar air mass

Winds that blow consistently in one direction are called:
a) Front
b) Air mass
c) Jet stream
d) Trade winds

Very high, fast-moving air currents are called:
a) Front
b) Air mass
c) Jet stream
d) Trade winds

The place where two air masses meet is called a:
a) Front
b) Air mass
c) Jet stream
d) Trade winds

When several storm cells come together it is called a
a) Tropical depression
b) Tropical storm
c) Tropical disturbance
d) Hurricane

This has uniform Humidity, Temperature and Air pressure
a) Front
b) Air mass
c) Jet stream
d) Trade winds

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