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Part of the Schlieffen Plan was for Germany to quickly attack and take:
a) London, England
b) Paris, France
c) St. Petersburg, Russia
d) Washington, D.C.

What caused Americans to start supporting the US joining the war effort?
a) The sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat.
b) The sinking of the Titanic by a German iceburg.
c) The firing of a machine gun on Germany's march to Paris.
d) The Battle of Jutland.

Which of the following countries was NOT a part of the Allies?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) France
d) Great Britain

When did World War I end?
a) 11-11-1918
b) 01-01-1914
c) 04-06-1916
d) 06-05-1917

President Woodrow Wilson told Congress that he wanted to:
a) 'make the world safe for democracy.'
b) 'fight the Central Powers myself! Just let me go over there!'
c) 'Ally the US with Mexico to protect the borders from Germany.'
d) 'help Russia defeat the Bolsheviks.'

The line of trenches that ran for nearly 600 miles from Belgium to Switzerland were known as:
a) Eastern front
b) Western front
c) Parapets
d) Puppets

Walls made of dirt, sandbags, and barbed wire were called:
a) Parapets
b) Puppets
c) No man's land
d) trenches

A deadlock is when:
a) Neither side is winning or losing
b) The Allies took the offensive and gained territory
c) The Central Powers surrendered
d) The Germans declare war on everyone else

Which of the following is NOT another name for WWI?
a) The Great War
b) The War to End All Wars
c) The Revolutionary War

Which of the following countries was NOT part of the Central Powers?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) Austria-Hungary
d) Turkey

What is a country that does not take sides in a war known as?
a) Offensive
b) Defensive
c) Neutral
d) Trifensive

What is a temporary halt to fighting?
a) peace
b) truce
c) armistice
d) offensive

In the Race to the Sea, both sides wanted to gain control of ports along the:
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Red Sea
c) English Channel
d) Atlantic Ocean

Which of the following is NOT TRUE of life on the home front for women and children during the war?
a) Things continued on much as they had before the war.
b) Women assumed roles and jobs traditionally done by men.
c) Children sewed clothes and rolled bandages for the soldiers.
d) People planted gardens and rationed their food supplies.

What is the significance of the Hall of Mirrors?
a) The Treaty of Versailles was signed there.
b) The Treaty of Paris was signed there.
c) The German Treaty was signed there.
d) The Declaration of Independence was signed there.

Neither side declared victory at the end of the 30 minute battle at sea.
a) Battle of Jutland
b) Battle of the Marne
c) Battle of the Somme
d) Battle of Verdun

Where did German leaders meet with General Foch to sign an armistice?
a) Compiegne Forest
b) Hall of Mirrors
c) River of Versaille
d) Paris, France

In this battle, the French defeated the Germans:
a) Battle of Jutland
b) Battle of the Marne
c) Battle of the Somme
d) Battle of Verdun

In which battle were tanks introduced by the Allies?
a) Battle of Jutland
b) Battle of the Marne
c) Battle of the Somme
d) Battle of Verdun

Which of the following battles was the longest and bloodiest of World War I?
a) Battle of Jutland
b) Battle of the Marne
c) Battle of the Somme
d) Battle of Verdun

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