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People live in South America's lowlands because
a) of the cool climate
b) families stay together
c) better cities
d) of the warm climate

The Atacama desert is located in
a) Brazil
b) Peru
c) Chile
d) Venezuela

The climate of the east coast of South America is
a) cool and dry
b) cool and humid
c) warm and humid
d) cold and humid

Deforestation in the rain forest leads to
a) more severe weather
b) less greenhouse gas is removed
c) people not wanting to live in forest lowlands
d) carbon dioxide more easily released into the soil

Plants and trees release water vapor into the air.
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) vegetation
d) transpiration

El Nino is
a) when 2 currents collide with each other
b) the result of elevation and strong currents
c) warm and cold wind currents
d) ocean and wind currents reverse directions

This causes severe flooding.
a) El Nino
b) Rain Shadow
c) Peru Current
d) Amazon Rain Forest

The lowlands have rich soil due to
a) the rain shadow
b) temperate climate
c) melting snow
d) water from the Amazon River Basin

Greenhouse gases
a) give off hot, dry air
b) gives the Earth more oxygen
c) helps plants to grow better
d) causes the Earth to get hotter

Atacama Desert was formed by
a) the Amazon River Basin taking all of the moisture
b) the Amazon Basin blocking wind currents
c) the lack of moist winds
d) the Brazil current drops its moisture in the Amazon Basin

This threatens the rain forest the most.
a) flooding of the rivers
b) too many animals
c) more people
d) discovery of more species

South Americans are likely to live in areas that
a) have moderate temperatures
b) are cold and high elevations
c) hot and wet places
d) cool and dry in high elevations

Tierra Helada
a) hot and humid
b) moderate in both temperature and rainfall
c) cool and lots of rainfall
d) cold and dry

Tierra Fria
a) hot and humid
b) moderate temperature and rainfall
c) cool and some rainfall
d) very high and cold

Tierra Caliente
a) hot and humid
b) moderate temperature and rainfall
c) cool and dry
d) very high and cold

Tierra Templada:
a) hot and humid
b) moderate temperature and rainfall
c) cool and dry
d) very high and cold

The regular flooding of the Amazon River and its tributaries deposits
a) mud into the rain forest
b) nutrients into the rain forests soils
c) water into the rain forest
d) extra fish in the rain forests rivers

The Llanos are good for grazing cattle and crops because
a) contains high and low elevations
b) contains grasslands and coastal plains
c) contains rain forest and low elevations
d) contains high elevations and rainforest

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