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How do you know a text is Non-Fiction?
a) Photographs
b) Table of Contents
c) Glossary and Index
d) All of the above

What is the purpose of the glossary?
a) To teach you a new recipe
b) To give definitions of words found in the text
c) To paint the walls
d) To show you what things look like in the real world

Which of these is NOT a non-fiction text feature?
a) Glossary/Index
b) Photographs
c) Plot
d) Diagram

Is non-fiction real or fake?
a) I don't know.
b) Real
c) Fantasy
d) Fake

What is the purpose of a photograph?
a) To teach you about definitions
b) To explain how to build a tree house.
c) To list items needed for a recipe
d) To show what things look like in the real world

What genre is THE THREE PIGS?
a) Non-Fiction
b) Realistic Fiction
c) Fiction
d) All of the above

The Life and Times of George Washington is Fiction or Non-Fiction?
a) Non-Fiction
b) Fiction
c) I have no idea.
d) I forgot.

What is the purpose of the Table of Contents?
a) To locate and organize information found in the text.
b) To give me more homework
c) To confuse my teacher
d) To confuse me

Where would you locate a particular topic?
a) Glossary
b) Title
c) Flip through the pages
d) Index

What is the purpose of a diagram?
a) To make you sleepy
b) To show you specific parts of an object
c) Google it!
d) To encourage you to be an artist

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