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piece of cake Because Lara runs 5 miles each week, walking 2 miles was a piece of cake.
a) easy
b) difficult
c) tasty
d) sweet

under the weather Ron didn't go on the hiking trip because he felt under the weather.
a) ill
b) healthy
c) lonely
d) nervous

pulling my leg When Penny told Juan she had a starring role in a movie, Juan said, You're pulling my leg.
a) teasing
b) guessing
c) stretching
d) acting

hit the books Instead of playing basketball, Lars hit the books to prepare for a science test.
a) studied
b) played
c) arrived
d) struck

a) at first
b) extremely
c) for no reason
d) visibly

a) great number
b) small selections
c) arrangement
d) specialty

a) usual
b) popular
c) approved
d) extraordinary

a) rejoicing
b) respectful
c) surprised
d) satisfied

a) celebrates
b) admires
c) examines
d) explains

face the music Miguel knew he had to face the musicand admit that he had lost his father's watch.
a) accept responsibility
b) avoid guilt
c) blame others
d) hide the evidence

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