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The soft, white, downy fiber that is strong and durable, cool to wear, and is commonly used in underwear and socks is:
a) cotton
b) Flax.
c) silk
d) spandex

Natural fibers derived from plants are:
a) Cellulostic.
b) manufactured
c) noncellulostic
d) protein

Which is the chemical process that removes color, impurities, or spots from fibers?
a) Bleaching
b) bonding
c) dyeing
d) printing

The natural fiber that forms the coat of sheep and is commonly used in coats and blankets is
a) Cotton.
b) flax
c) silk
d) wool

A tough, flexible material made by preserving animal hides through a process called tanning is
a) Acetate.
b) fur
c) leather
d) spandex

Which is true about wool?
a) Comes from a plant
b) Spots easily if wet
c) Strongest of all natural fibers
d) Warmest of all natural fibers

The diagonal grain of a fabric is the:
a) bias
b) Fiber.
c) warp
d) weft

A method of constructing fabrics by looping yarns together is:
a) Bonding.
b) knitting
c) laminating
d) spinning

Thickness or diameter of a fiber is
a) Cellulose.
b) denier
c) filament
d) hand

Which is the smallest unit in a textile fabric?
a) Boll
b) fiber
c) polymer
d) yarn

Knitted fabrics are constructed by
a) Bonding yarns.
b) laminating yarns
c) looping yarns
d) quilting fibers

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