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Glen retains Holly, an attorney, on a contingent-fee basis to seek $100,000 in damages in a personal-injury suit against Interstate Shipping Corporation. Glen wins. He must pay.
a) court fees and other expenses, but not Holly's fee.
b) Holly's fee, court fees, and other expenses
c) Holly's fee only
d) neither Holly's fee nor court fees and other expenses

A sheriff serves a person with a summons. If that person ignores it.
a) The sheriff must file an amended complaint
b) The sheriff will have a judgment entered in his favor
c) The person must be served wit ha second summons
d) The person must have a judgment entered in her favor

If the person responds to the sheriff's complaint by a filing a counterclaim, then
a) The sheriff will also have to file a response.
b) The sheriff will have a judgment entered in his favor.
c) The person will also have to file an amended answer.
d) The person will have a judgment entered in her favor.

All USA Imports disputes the use of as a domain name by all-usa overseas exports, and files a suit to resolve the dispute. Service of process must be by
a) email
b) personal delivery
c) regular mail
d) whatever means is reasonably calculated to do the job

Indelible Fabrics makes jean's denim, a famous brand. With consent, Kopy Company begins to use jeansdenim as part of their domain name. Indelible files a suit against Kopy and engages in service of process. Service of process must provide
a) equality and fairness in adjudication
b) notice and an opportunity to respond
c) space to fill in important info and time in which to do it
d) privacy between the litigants and publicity in the judgment

Quin files a suit agsint Regal Products, Inc. Regal responds that even if Quin's statement of the facts is true, according to the law Regal is not liable. This is
a) a counterclaim
b) a motion for judgment on the pleadings
c) a motion for summary judgmment
d) a motion to dismiss

Excel Products Company files a suit against Flying Distribution, Inc., over a contract. Before the trial. Excel can obtain from Flying
a) all documents in Flying's possession relating to the contract
b) any documents in Flying's possession
c) no documents in Flying's possession
d) only those documents that Flying agrees to release

Fine Dining Co. files a suit against Eat-at-Joes, Inc. The attorney for Eat-at-Joe's also questions Floyd. This is
a) cross-examination
b) a directed examination
c) an interrogatory
d) a request for admissions

In a trial the plaintiff's witness Floyd is questions. Floyd is not an expert in the matter about which he is being asked, Floyd can
a) testify about any of the facts in the case
b) testify about only what he personally observed
c) offer his opinion about any of the evidence
d) offer his conclusion with regard to the case.

A attorney questions someone who already questions by the other party; this is
a) cross-examination
b) direct examination
c) interrogatory
d) request for admissions

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