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Which philosophy is most closely associated with the development of the Chinese civil service system?
a) legalism
b) Daoism
c) Buddhism
d) Confucianism

Which belief is most closely associated with the philosophy of Confucianism
a) nirvana
b) prayer
c) reincarnation
d) filial piety

One way in which the Five Relationships, Eightfold Path and Ten Commandments are similar is that they
a) promote polytheism
b) establish gender equality
c) provide codes of behavior
d) describe secularism

The five relationships taught by Confucius encouraged people to
a) improve their position in life
b) maintain social and political order
c) respect and worship nature
d) serve the needs of religious leaders

In China, Confucianism emphasized the idea that
a) equality should exist between all members of society
b) salvation could be attained by prayer, meditation, and good deeds
c) individual goals should be placed ahead of the needs of the group
d) harmony could be achieved by the proper behavior of each member of a family or society

The philosophy of Confucius stresses the importance of
a) respect for authority
b) religious beliefs
c) a classless society
d) owning land

Confucianism emphasizes the idea that
a) government should own the means of production
b) economic success is more desireable than knowledge and learning
c) each person has an important responsibility to family and society
d) an individual's personal goals are more important than the goals of the group

According to the teachings of Confucius, the key to the successful organization of society is that
a) the ruler should be chosen democratically
b) the evil in humans must be eliminated
c) ancestor worship should be discontinued
d) individuals should know and do what is expected of them

The teachings of Confucius encouraged people to
a) put their own interests first
b) reject government authority
c) believe in reincarnation
d) follow a code of moral conduct

Confucianism in traditional China served to
a) maintain social order
b) create ethnic unrest
c) emphasize material wealth
d) support democratic government

In ancient China, one effect on government of the teachings of Confucius was the high status of
a) soldiers
b) farmers
c) merchants
d) scholars

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