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Abyssal plains are found on the continental shelf
a) true
b) false

Guyots are
a) found at the intertidal zone
b) under water canyons
c) a type of fish
d) seamounts that break the surface of the ocean

Hydrothermal vents are unique because
a) they are used by tourists for mineral baths
b) they have photosynthetic food chains
c) they are very diverse ecosystem
d) they have a chemosynthetic food chain

Benthos describes
a) organisms living out in the open ocean
b) organisms living on the bottom of the ocean
c) organism that float in the ocean
d) anything that swims

Nekton describes
a) the deep dark ocean floor
b) organisms that float
c) glow in the dark organisms
d) any organisms that swims

A density current is formed due to
a) High Winds
b) Coriolis Effect
c) changes in salinity and temperature
d) wind

The _____is responsible for bringing warm water to Northern Europe resulting in mild winters
a) Labrador current
b) Gulf Stream
c) South Equatorial current
d) West Wind Drift

Which factor can lead to an increase in ocean water density
a) a decrease in temperature
b) a decrease in salinity
c) an increase in temperature
d) a decrease in pressure

A drastic change in temperature with depth is called a
a) halocline
b) pycnocline
c) temperature decline
d) thermocline

This term describes the amount of dissolved salt in seawater
a) density
b) buoyancy
c) salinity
d) temperature

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