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In the strict New England colonices, how long did church often last?
a) three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon
b) three hours Sunday morning and three hours Sunday afternoon
c) one hour in the morning and three hours in the afternoon
d) two hours Sunday morning and two hours Sunday afternoon

Puritans were a group of people who had broken away from the ________________.
a) Catholic chuch
b) Baptist church
c) Church of England because of religious differences.
d) Protestant church

Those who did not observe the faith of New Englad Colonies often received punishment shuch as:
a) canings and hangings
b) banishment of the colony and hangings
c) whippings
d) caning and banishment of the colony

It was important for Purtains to read because they wanted to read the ______________
a) Scriptures
b) Purtain Newsletter
c) Purtain book of the Bible
d) Purtain Times

In Southern Colonies church services had more ___________ and ____________.
a) singing and longer sermons
b) singing and shorter sermons
c) singing and shorter praying
d) praying and shorter singing of songs

Georgia had various religions; however, the major demonination in Georgia were the _____________.
a) Baptists.
b) Protestants
c) Anglican Church or Church of England
d) Catholics

To ensure there were enough ministers to serve the needs of the colonists, churches started _____________.
a) other churches
b) colleges
c) banks
d) meeting in houses

In the Southern Colonies, after church was a _________time for girls to play hopscotch, women to visit and chat, and boys plad hoop ring or flew kites
a) good
b) bad
c) play
d) social

During the late colonial period religion remained ________________ in the lives of colonists.
a) special
b) true
c) important
d) relevant

_____________ Church was build by the Purtians who settled in the area in the 1750's
a) Savannah
b) Hinesville
c) Sunbury
d) Midway

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