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a city and surrounding land, with its own laws and traditions
a) city state
b) acropolis
c) geographic factor
d) peninsula

Who was able to vote in Ancient Athens
a) All people in Athens over 18
b) men and women over 18
c) forgeiners over 18
d) Athenian males over 18

Which Ancient Greek Achievement is not being used in the present day but still had a major impact on civilizations for thousands of years?
a) architecture design
b) woodscrew design
c) democracy
d) trireme

Sculptures at the Parthenon showed
a) natural scenes
b) images in great detail.
c) abstract poses. (think Mr. Potato head proportions)
d) snakes and drag

Saying slavery made the Greeks bad people would be judging them according to
a) Greek values
b) American values
c) Ancient norms
d) Todays norms

Most Greeks thought that women needed
a) to be guided by men
b) a say in government affairs.
c) physical training in case of war.
d) different goddesses and temples than men.

How did Greeceā€™s physical geography influence its early civilizations?
a) It encouraged the use of rich farmland and contact between cities.
b) It forced people to adapt to harsh weather conditions.
c) It encouraged people to be sailors and traders yet keeping cities separate.
d) It prevented wars because people were concentrated in one are.

The Dark Ages of Greece were a period during which
a) wealth increased.
b) Greek culture spread to areas in the Mediterranean.
c) people built villages and fortified structures.
d) trade increased.

Which of the following best describes early Greek philosophers?
a) They performed some of the earliest scientific experiments.
b) They observed natural events and tried to explain them with reason
c) They thought that Greek gods were not important
d) They studied ways to improve Greek ships and warfare

Which of the following statements best describes the Minoan civilization?
a) It extended its control to Egypt and Sicily.
b) It was located on the mainland of Greece.
c) It made lots of money from trade

What factor helped prevent the ancient Greek city-states from uniting to form a single country?
a) lack of a common language
b) size of its desert region
c) mountainous physical geography
d) cold, hostile climate

Which of the following is an idea the United States government borrowed from the Greeks?
a) Citizens have a right to participate in government through voting.
b) Citizens only include men.
c) Only the rich should vote
d) Men and women should have equal rights

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