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How many elements are in the product side of this equation? CaCO3--------CaO + CO2
a) 3
b) 5
c) 6
d) 10

Which of the following is an example of a chemical reaction?
a) Opening a Cola and the gas inside rushing out.
b) Grinding up a piece of meat with your teeth.
c) The Statue of Liberty turning green as the copper rusts.
d) Taking a picture with your cell phone.

How many atoms are in this compound? C10H12N4O
a) 3
b) 24
c) 25
d) 27

Which equation is balanced?
a) Al + O2 --------Al2O3
b) Fe2 + O2 ---------Fe2O3
c) Mg + HCl ----------- H2 + MgCl2
d) 2 HgO ----------- 2 Hg + O2

The Noble Gases do not bond or react with any atom because ...
a) they are on the right side of the periodic table.
b) they are exothermic.
c) they have 8 valence electrons.
d) they have a full outer shell.

This atom has 4 valence electrons and 5 energy levels.
a) Tin
b) Zirconium
c) Beryllium
d) Arsenic

When the temperature in a chemical reaction increases, it is ____.
a) balanced
b) endothermic
c) exothermic

How many atoms are in the formula: Ca(OH)2
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

How many elements are in the formula: Al2(SO4)3
a) 3
b) 9
c) 17
d) 14

What are the beginning parts of a chemical reaction called?
a) gas production
b) odor change
c) products
d) reactants

Which of the following is an element?
a) SO4
b) O2
c) H2O
d) calcium carbonate

A scientist did several experiments in the lab. Which of the following is NOT a chemical reaction?
a) One liquid rose to the top of the flask, and the other liquid settled to the bottom.
b) The temperature of the mixed substances increased.
c) A gas was formed that he was able to explode.
d) The blue liquid turned brown and stunk really bad.

Why is a normal atom neutral or have no charge?
a) The protons are equal to the electrons.
b) The electrons are equal to the neutrons.
c) The neutrons, protons and electrodes are all equal.
d) It has valence electrons.

What would we look at to determine whether two atoms have similar properties?
a) the period
b) the atomic number
c) the group number
d) their lifestyles

Based on the chemical formula, which of these is NOT an organic compound?
a) CaCO3
b) Ca(OH)2
c) C3H5(NO3)3
d) Na2CO3

An Alkali metal is most likely to bond with____.
a) an Alkaline Earth metal.
b) a Halogen.
c) a Noble Gas
d) a piece of tape.

When bacteria in your stomach break down starchy food into sugars, it is ________.
a) a chemical change
b) a physical change
c) a balanced equation.

Metals are found on the _____ side of the periodic table.
a) inside
b) left
c) right
d) zig-zag

To understand if an atom will react or bond with another atom, I need to look at...
a) the atomic mass.
b) the number of subatomic particles in the nucleus.
c) the total number of protons.
d) the valence electrons.

To identify an atom like Chlorine, I would need to know ...
a) neutrons are equal to protons.
b) electrons have a negative charge.
c) the number of protons .
d) that protons equal electrons.

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