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The process by which rock materials are broken down by the action of physical or chemical processes.
a) Weathering
b) Erosion
c) Mechanical Weathering
d) Chemical Weathering

The breakdown of rock into smaller pieces by physical means.
a) Chemical Weathering
b) Mechanical Weathering
c) Differential Weathering
d) Elevation

Rocks break down due to chemical reactions.
a) Mechanical Weathering
b) Differential Weathering
c) Weathering
d) Chemical Weathering

The process by which wind, water, ice, or gravity transports soil and sediment from one location to another.
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Angle of Repose
d) Deposition

The steepest angle where material will not roll hill.
a) Deposition
b) Angle of Repose
c) Weathering
d) Erosion

Softer rocks wear away and leave harder rocks behind.
a) Weathering and Climate
b) Weathering and Elevation
c) Weathering
d) Differential Weathering

Wind, Water, Gravity are types of ___ weathering.
a) Chemical
b) Erosion
c) Mechanical
d) Summer

Air is a type of ___ weathering.
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Erosion
d) Winter

How many types of mass movements are there?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Mass movement are types of ____.
a) Weathering
b) Deposition
c) Erosion
d) Evaporation

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