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The man from the West, his egotism enlarged by success, was beginning to outline the history of his career. What does the word egotism mean?
a) at the same time
b) done or fixed by habit
c) conceit; talking about oneself too much
d) miserably

Trying to doors as he went, twirling his club with many intricate and artful movements. What does the word intricate mean?
a) at the same time
b) complicated
c) miserable
d) done or fixed by habit

The few foot passengers astir in that quarter hurried dismally and silently along. What does the word dismally mean?
a) conceit
b) complicated
c) miserably
d) at the same time

At the beginning of the story, how does O. Henry characterize the policemen?
a) confident and capable
b) bored and lonely
c) bullying and powerful
d) dull and unintelligent

Why is the man with the cigar standing in the doorway?
a) He is trying to decide whether to turn himself in to the police
b) he is waiting to see if his old friend will turn up
c) He is trying to remember the correct meeting place
d) he is trying to determine if he has lived a worthwhile life

Where is the setting?
a) New York
b) Chicago
c) Boston
d) Orlando

Which sentence best developed the suspense in the story?
a) the first policeman interviews him
b) the rain falls
c) Jimmy doesn't show up for twenty minutes
d) The restaurant has been torn down

How did the police officer recognize Jimmy?
a) From a picture
b) Jimmy introduced himself
c) He lit his cigar and the police officer was able to see his face
d) He didn't, the police office just kept walking

What happens at the climax of the story?
a) The plainclothes policemen tells Bob that he is under arrest
b) Bob notices Jimmy is taller
c) Bob relayed that the man is not really Jimmy
d) Bob pulls out a handsome watch

Why does the real Jimmy Wells ask Bob if he plans to leave at 10 sharp?
a) he wants to know if Bob still really cares for him as a friend
b) he is figuring out if he has time to get another police officer
c) he is hinting to Bob he should run away
d) he wants to see the diamond watch again

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