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Which of the following is an appropriate characteristic for a firm's selling policies
a) Open to interpretation
b) Based on the salesperson's status
c) Enforced with reasonable firmness
d) Not subject to change

What is an internal factor that affects the selling policies of a business?
a) Customer requests
b) Actions of competitors
c) Financial resources
d) Government legislation

Why would a business develop policies to limit the amount of money that salespeople could spend taking customers to lunch or dinner?
a) To improve advertising
b) To expand entertainment
c) To increase salaries
d) To control expenses

Which of the following is an internal factor that might have an effect on a business's selling policies
a) Customer wants
b) materials shortage
c) social issues
d) research efforts

What should a salesperson do when dealing with a customer who wants to return an unsatisfactory item?
a) Exchange the item
b) Refer the customer to the manufacturer
c) Consult the buyer
d) Follow the business's selling policies

What antitrust regulatory act would prevent a business from randomly offering discounts to whomever it chose?
a) Federal Trade Commission Act
b) Discount Customer Act
c) Clayton Act
d) Robinson-Patman Act

Tammy listened carefully to a disgruntled customer, who is disappointed in the delayed delivery of several packages. What should Tammy do next?
a) Thank the customer
b) Explain customer policy
c) Restate the complaint
d) Take immediate action

What should salespeople do when they must cope with customers who are being disagreeable?
a) Speed up the sale to minimize opportunity for disagreement
b) Use product knowledge to prove they are wrong
c) Listen patiently and try to stay calm
d) Ask them to come back when they are ready to buy

What is a cost associated with customer complaints?
a) Markups on inventory
b) additional advertising
c) higher commissions
d) loss of sales

What kind of customer would make the following statement? I just don't know which of these my girlfriend would like best. I had better come back at another time.
a) Disagreeable
b) suspicious
c) slow/methodical
d) dishonest

What kind of customer would make the following statement? I must compare the different shades of color and fabrics available for a new comforter set.
a) Disagreeable
b) Suspicious
c) Slow/Methodical
d) Dishonest

What should you do to eliminate any misunderstandings that you or your customer might have concerning the customer's complaint?
a) Thank the customer
b) Explain company policy
c) Restate the complaint
d) Take immediate action

Are noncomplainers a more difficult problem for businesses than complainers?
a) Yes, because records of the complaints cannot be maintained
b) Yes, because the salesperson does not have an opportunity to handle the complaint.
c) No, because noncomplainers do not express ill feelings
d) No, because the salesperson can satisfy the noncomplainer within company guidelines

Which of the following would be the most likely cause of customer complaints?
a) Institutional ads
b) Product quality
c) Extended hours
d) Price reductions

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