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What document expresses the reasons for colonial independence?
a) Fundamental Constitutions
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Mayflower Compact

The British government back in England is called...
a) Parliament
b) General Assembly
c) Continental Congress
d) Virginia House of Burgesses

Which battle cause many loyalists to withdraw their support from the British after British soldiers brutally murdered patriots after they surrendered.
a) Kings Mountain
b) Battle of Cowpens
c) Budford's Massacre
d) Sulllivan's Island

Which of the following was NOT one of the SC guerilla warfare fighters?
a) William Moultrie
b) Francis Marion
c) Thomas Sumter
d) Andrew Pickens

What was the major result of the patriots defeat at Camden...
a) The patriots did not see this battle as a defeat and quickly rallied more support.
b) While the British were on the verge of controlling the South, the patriot General Gates was replaced with Nathaniel Greene.
c) The Patriots immediately surrendered after suffering such a terrible defeat.

How did women participate during the war?
a) They were either in support of patriots or loyalists and acted as nurses and messengers.
b) They fought along side their husbands during the war.
c) Women were shipped off to a safe place to avoid the realities of war.

Which describes the role of Native Americans during the Revolutionary war.
a) Fought on the side of the British in hopes of land acquisition; especially the Cherokee who attacked back country patriots
b) They did not get involved in the war because they were afraid after the defeat during the French and Indian War
c) Natives fought mostly on the side of the Americans because they wanted revenge against the British.

Which describes guerilla warfare?
a) Strategy used by the British to send messages.
b) A style in which 2 opposing armies fight in organized formation on a battlefiled
c) Hit and run tactics used by partisan soldiers

Which battle, in which patriot militia defeated loyalists in the back country, is known as the turning point of the war in the south?
a) Kings Mountain
b) Camden
c) Eutaw Springs
d) Waxhaw

What was the major effect of the British siege of Charles Town
a) This helped the British win the war all together.
b) This made the French come to the aid of the patriots.
c) The patriots lost the use of their major ports and could ship supplies.

Those loyal to the king
a) Partisans
b) Patriots
c) Loyalists

The Patriots used what to defeat the British at Sullivans Island?
a) Hit and Run tactics
b) A fort made of palmetto logs
c) Air attacks on the British

Those who wanted to gain independence...
a) Patriots
b) Loyalists
c) Tories
d) Militia

First shots of the American Revolution; Shot heard around the world.
a) Boston and Charles Town
b) Lexington and Concord
c) Cowpens and Kings Mountain

First tax passed by the British after the French and Indian War
a) Sugar Act
b) Tea Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Townshend Acts

The Declaration of Independence states that all people are created equal and have the right to:
a) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
b) Create their own individual governments in their state
c) Wealth, gold and representation

The American army was known as the ...
a) Red Coats
b) Red Tails
c) Continental Army
d) Nazis

Which battle was a strategic victory for the British but a moral victory for the Patriots
a) Eutaw Springs
b) Cowpens
c) Camden
d) Siege of Charleston

Francis Marion was given the name __________ due to his guerilla warfare tactics.
a) Gamecock
b) Wizard Owl
c) Swamp Fox
d) Old Hickory

Which country sought revenge and therefor offered aid to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
a) France
b) Spain
c) Britain
d) Barbados

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