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Hydrogenosomes are found in anaerobic flagellates. Their functions is
a) store food.
b) movement.
c) reproductive.
d) to make ATP by an anaerobic pathway.

The organism that causes malaria is the
a) Trypanosoma
b) Giardia
c) Plasmodium
d) Toxoplasmosis

The function of the micronucleus of a paramecium is
a) metabolism
b) reproduction
c) memory
d) digestion

The specialized structures found in a paramecium and used for defense or capturing prey are the
a) cilia
b) gullets
c) trichocysts
d) flagella

The semirigid outer covering of a paramecium is the
a) pellicle
b) pelican
c) cell wall
d) test

Paramecia move by means of
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) fimbriae
d) pseudopods

The test of a foraminiferan is made of
a) silica
b) cellulose
c) calcium carbonate
d) polysaccharide

The process of engulfing food with pseudopods is called
a) phagocytosis
b) ingestion
c) digestion
d) lysocytosis

The protist that causes African Sleeping Sickness is
a) Giardia
b) Toxoplasmosis
c) Trypanosoma
d) none are correct

An example of a type of brown algae is
a) Chlamydomonas.
b) giant kelp.
c) diatoms.
d) Volvox.

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