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A specialize organelle that gets rid of excess water in freshwater protists is called a
a) water pump
b) contractile vacuole
c) pellicle
d) dihydrogen oxide vacuole

A bloom of some types of dinoflagellates can cause
a) a red tide
b) fish kills
c) death of marine mammals
d) all of the above

The skeleton of a diatom is made of
a) cellulose
b) silica
c) peptidoglycan
d) calcium carbonate

Diatoms are
a) heterotrophs
b) chemoautotrophs
c) chemoheterotrophs
d) photoautotrophs

Euglenae move by means of
a) flagellae
b) cilia
c) pseudopods
d) fimbriae

From which type of algae is agar derived?
a) brown algae
b) kelp
c) red algae
d) sea lettuce

Green algae contain
a) xanthophyll
b) phycobilins
c) chlorophyll c and d
d) chlorophyll a and b

Which green algae exists as a colonial form?
a) Chlamydomonas
b) Volvox
c) Spirogyra
d) Kelp

Plasmodium species are a type of
a) Radiolarian
b) Stramenophile
c) Apicomplexan
d) Ciliate

The eyespot of Euglena detects
a) colors
b) heat
c) light
d) food molecules

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