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Because of water's high specific heat, it takes a long time for water to warm up or cool down as the season changes. Why is this a good thing in an ocean habitat?
a) it allows the animals to get used to the temperature changes slowly
b) it wont immediately freeze the plants so the fish don't starve
c) it keeps the lakes from boiling in the summer
d) it allows us to swim in the lake in September

What happened as you kept adding water droplets on top of the penny?
a) the droplets clung together and formed a dome or bubble on the surface of the penny
b) the droplets stayed together until you dropped the 3rd drop- then they all ran off the penny
c) the water drops fell off the penny even after one droplet.

A pond will require more energy to boil than the ocean
a) false
b) true

A lake will freeze faster than a water droplet.
a) false
b) true

A water droplet requires less energy to boil than a river.
a) true
b) false

A water bug being able to walk on the surface of the water is an example of
a) surface tension
b) polarity
c) gravity
d) cohesion

In our lab about surface tension, why was the paper clip able to float on water?
a) because the attraction between water molecules is so strong that they stick together and hold the paper clip up
b) because the paper clip has a lower density than water so it floats
c) because it is lighter than water so it floats

Which of the following is true about polarity?
a) Water is more polar than alcohol so it takes more energy to boil or evaporate.
b) Alcohol evaporates slower than water because it is harder to pull apart alcohol molecules
c) Alcohol is less polar than water which is why it wont boil as fast as water
d) Water evaporates faster than alcohol but would boil slower.

In the lab where we put water droplets on a penny, what is the word that describes the water droplets attraction to each other and desire to keep its droplet form?
a) cohesion
b) surface tension
c) mass
d) density

Oceans take a long time to heat up because water is so reflective that the heat rays bounce off.
a) True
b) False

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