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Right now, you need to have someone in your mind that can help you if you get into a creepy problem online. Know who your
a) Enemy is
b) Dog is
c) Baby brother is
d) Trusted Adult is, someone you can tell immediately. (parent, grandparent, counselor, teacher).

When receiving links and pictures of inappropriate wrong things such as a school fight
a) It is legal to send these off to someone else and you can get out of jail for doing it.
b) You should spread the wrong things just like the Ebola virus to make everything rotten.
c) It is illegal to send these off to another person, and you can go to jail for doing it.
d) Lie to yourself and tell yourself it will not hurt anyone.

The reason it is tempting for humans to do gross dirty things on the internet is because they think
a) The internet will break down.
b) they will go to jail and they like going to jail.
c) Their name can never be found out, but it can be found out.
d) People like them to say and act gross.

There are creepy people on the internet pretending to be someone different. Be careful, they might pretend they are
a) Your friend, your age, having the same problems you have, someone you can trust and tell secrets to.
b) Santa Claus
c) Bob
d) Your dog

Cyber bullying is like gossip. One rule can keep you from gossiping and cyber bullying by pretending the person is actually
a) someone without feelings.
b) Right there in front of you listening while you are saying or typing bad about them.
c) liking that you talk trash about them.
d) thinking you are a great person for being so mean.

There are empty chairs in classrooms today because
a) The carpenters were on strike.
b) Kids took their lives because other kids were mean online to them. This is called cyber bullying and it is against the law.
c) Too many kids are around.
d) cyber-bullying is a great thing to do.

Doing wrong things on the computer will probably hurt your
a) Reputation
b) Leg
c) Big toe
d) Pretty shoes

The way you keep your mind from being trashy is by
a) Washing it.
b) Protecting what is allowed to enter it.
c) Pretending something did not happen.
d) Asking Bob for some windex

Even when we think something is secret online actually nothing
a) is ever private or secret online, and someone somewhere can always find it.
b) can ever let anyone know about it.
c) stays online after you are 18 years old.
d) lets Bob ever see it.

When you allow ________ to go into your brain, it turns the brain trashy.
a) Candy
b) Trash
c) Learning
d) Bob’s Gremlin

Once something is online it:
a) Can be erased with the delete button.
b) is legal.
c) is looked over and approved by the computer geniuses.
d) is always online.

Technology should always be used to
a) make a lot of money.
b) make the world a gross world.
c) Get Bob to start doing work.
d) make the world a better world.

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