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What country does the Amazon River basin mostly cover?
a) Brazil
b) Boliva
c) Chile
d) Peru

Diffused Culture was spread by these three groups of people living in South America.
a) 1. Spanish 2. Germans 3. Americans
b) 1. Natives 2. Spanish, 3. Americans
c) 1. Natives(indigenous) 2. Enslaved Africans 3. European immigrants (explorers)

What geography feature helps Peru and Chile protect their eastern boundary?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Amazon River
d) Andes Mountains

Which of the economic activities below did the Columbian Exchange introduce into South American culture?
a) tobacco cultivation
b) cattle ranching
c) terrace farming
d) railroad building

Which is one way that the migration of European colonists(Spanish conquistadors) to South America changed the character of the region?
a) Native groups switched from terrace farming to field farming.
b) Economic practices reverted to traditional methods.
c) Religion and language patterns changed significantly.
d) Men and women gained greater social equality.

What technological innovation gave Spanish conquistadors an advantage against the Incas?
a) firearms or weapons
b) ships or boats
c) disease
d) literature from the printing press

South America can be considered a culture region because...
a) most governments are republic
b) the region is home to many different native groups
c) most people are Catholic and speak Spanish

How does the physical geography of Peru and Chile influence where people live?
a) because of the Andes mountains and the desert most people live near water the coastline.
b) the abundance of fertile soil has attracted many people
c) the lack of resources has forced people to live in the Andes Mts.
d) the mild climate has attracted many people

Enslaved Africans that were brought for work in South America have diffused their culture of ….
a) architecture (buildings)
b) advance weapon
c) dance, music and foods

What culture trait does the country Brazil have that separates them from the rest of South America?
a) lack of education
b) Language ( Portuguese) they got from Portugal explorers
c) Protestant religion

Which country in South America is the largest?
a) Brazil
b) Peru
c) Equador
d) Argentina

Who spread new religious traditions to South America?
a) Portugal
b) Germans
c) Spanish Conquistadors

What is the name of Donald Duck's girlfriend?
a) Dolly
b) Daffy
c) Daisy
d) Daffodil

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