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The entire way of life for a group of people including language, food , religion etc.
a) culture
b) igoo
c) potlach
d) hogan

A ceremonial dinner to show off wealth: Northwest Coast
a) igloo
b) potlach
c) tepee
d) hogans

A house made of mud plaster over a framework of wooden poles; Southwest
a) long house
b) tepee
c) hogan
d) igloo

An advanced culture
a) civilization
b) sachem
c) irrigation
d) kiva

A home made of wood poles and bark: Eastern Woodlands
a) travois
b) sachem
c) long house
d) igloo

A sled used by Plains people that is pulled by a dog or a horse.
a) kayak
b) kiva
c) tepee
d) travois

A tribal chief chosen by women of the tribe: Eastern Woodlands
a) sachem
b) kiva
c) travois
d) potlach

A farming technique of bringing water from one area to a dry area.
a) kayak
b) irrigation
c) kiva
d) long house

An underground chamber where Pueblo men held religious ceremonies: Southwest
a) kiva
b) sachem
c) hogans
d) travois

A land bridge which was crossed by the First Americans from Asia to North America during the last Ice Age
a) kiva
b) tepee
c) kayak
d) Beringia

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