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Which is the correct direction of nerve impulse?
a) dendrite--cell body---axon
b) axon--cell body--dendrite
c) dendrite---axon--cell body
d) cell body--dendrite---axon

Type of muscle that has central nuclei, no striations, involuntary, conducts mitosis, and spindle shaped
a) cardiac
b) skeletal
c) smooth
d) does not describe muscle

Type of muscle that branches, central nuclei, involuntary, striations, limited mitosis, and intercalated disks.
a) cardiac
b) skeletal
c) smooth
d) does not describe muscle

Blood vessels are made of
a) cardiac muscle
b) skeletal muscle
c) smooth muscle
d) they do not have muscle

Cartilage, bone, and fat cells are called
a) chondrocytes, osteocytes, lacunae
b) chondrocytes, lacunae, adipocytes
c) lacunae, osteocytes, adipocytes
d) chondrocytes, osteocytes, adipocytes

Neuroglia _____________ and ______________ neurons
a) make and package
b) destroy and damage
c) protect and support

The basic unit of structure in the nervous system is
a) neuroglia
b) neuron
c) spinal cord
d) brain

Neurons do NOT conduct impulses to
a) Other neurons
b) Muscle fibers
c) Blood
d) Glands

Dendrites conduct impulses _____________ the cell body.
a) toward
b) away from

Cartilage is
a) Vascular
b) Avascular

Which of the following tissues has the least amount of matrix?
a) bone tissue
b) stratified squamous
c) dense irregular
d) blood

Epithelia and cartilage are unique among the body's tissues in that they are avascular
a) True
b) False

Central canals (Haversian) in bone tissue contain
a) blood vessels and fat
b) blood vessels and nerves
c) Nerves and fat
d) lacunae and osteocytes

Intervertebral disks are made of ___________ cartilage
a) Hyaline
b) Elastic
c) Fibrocartilage
d) Collagen

Tendons and ligaments are made of ____________ connective tissue
a) loose
b) fluid
c) dense
d) proper

Which is not a function of adipose
a) Insulate
b) store energy reserves
c) padding and cushion
d) secrete and reduce friction

The matrix is made of
a) ground substance and cells
b) ground substance and protein fibers
c) cells and protein fibers

The most common type of cell in connective tissue is
a) fibroblast
b) adipose
c) mast
d) platelets

The following conduct nerve impulses
a) neurons and neuroglia
b) neuroglia only
c) neurons only

How many axons and dendrites in a neuron?
a) only 1 axon and dendrite
b) Many branched axons and dendrites
c) Many branched dendrites only
d) 1 axon and many branched dendrites

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