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Bonds formed when atoms share electrons so both atoms can fill their outermost shells.
a) Ionic
b) covalent
c) hydrogen
d) cohesion

Bonds formed when two oppositely charged atoms attract each other.
a) cohesion
b) hydrogen
c) covalent
d) Ionic

The attraction between water and a different substance.
a) polarity
b) capillarity
c) cohesion
d) adhesion

Attraction between water molecules.
a) capillarity
b) adhesion
c) cohesion
d) polarity

Substance with oppositely charged ends.
a) cohesion
b) polarity
c) adhesion
d) capillarity

Which one is NOT a reason that we study Biochemistry?
a) Gain a fundamental understanding of life.
b) Apply biological materials to useful operation in industry.
c) Understand the important issues in medicine.
d) To learn info that doesn’t matter to living things at all.

Metabolism Genetics are two examples of...
a) the study of what substances are made of and how they change and combine.
b) Biological functions that depend on chemical changes within cells.
c) Chemicals that function together in living things
d) the processes that guide Biochemical reactions throughout the system.

These are formed when any two or more atoms chemically bond.
a) compound
b) inorganic
c) alkaline
d) molecule

Which one is NOT an example of a compound?
a) NaCl
b) O2
c) OH-
d) H2O

Which one is NOT true of organic compounds?
a) they are what organisms are made of.
b) referred to as chemicals of life.
c) usually support life but not a part of organisms.
d) Always Contain C, H, and O.

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